Christelle biiga's School Assemblies

Hi, my name is Christelle Biiga, world-known expert speaker. I'm really excited to announce my brand new school assemblies to empower your students with motivational content.

If you want to keep your school free from any bullying, or if you want your students to be able to create a powerful vision for their future and build the confidence and courage required to make that vision a reality, you are at the right place.

Christelle Biiga's School Assembly Messages Include:

  • Character Building
  • Anti Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Confidence
  • Inspirational Uplifting

1 School Assembly $997.00
2 School assemblies $1,497.00
3 School assemblies $1,997.00

Description: Christelle Biiga's School Assembly Programs are approximately 40 minutes in length. Christelle Biiga will also deliver a speech with impacting and transformational messages.

Equipment provided: Christelle Biiga's will bring a professional sound system equiped with music, microphoones and loud speakers that can be heard clearly based on the capacity (up to 600 per assembly) She will also have power cords to reach within 100 ft.

School Assembly Programs Capacity: up to 600 per assembly
Length: 40 minutes

School Assembly Event Speaker In Los Angeles